I bet you can tell that I like to use things in more than one way.  With that said, there is more that meets the eye when it comes to hair clips.

Traditional usage.

You don’t just have to wear them in your hair!

Bow Necklace.

If you have the hair clips that have clasps (snaps) you can clip it on a necklace and voila! You have one of those snazzy bow necklaces.

Shirt detailing.

Need to shorten the strap of a tank top? Fold the strap to the length you want and then clip it with your hair clip. It secures your top as well as gives it a little oomph with the bow.

Clip it at the bottom of you shirt!

Wear your bow from your head to your…

Personalize your phone strap.

Don’t want to wear it in your hair? Don’t know where to put it? Clip on to your cell phone strap, purse strap, book bag, whatever you have and you’ve just decorated/personalized your plain item.

Clip on to your bag!

You know you have one of those handmade beanies you made or your grandmother made that you don’t wear because it is super plain. Add a bow on it by clipping you hair accessory on it! You can have one basic beanie and numerous hair accessories! This way you can change the color of you bow according to your outfit!

Clip on your scarf!

I couldn’t find my beanie. That lace bow thing is actually a hair clip! (Wow, what is going on with my hair.)

Big hair accessories are great.

The possibilities are endless!

Like the accessories you see here? You can buy my hair clips by emailing me which ones you are interested in.