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I have really loud neighbors. They run and stomp. There are many times when my roommate and I are in the living room and we can literally  feel the apartment shake a bit or at least the ceiling. I don’t know what they are doing. Do they find it fun to stomp around like that? Do they know how much noise they are making? Hm…

It’s thundering outside.

I have two more days in my short session summer class. Next short session starts on Friday. So there really isn’t a break in between.

Oh, today in we did presentations on cultures. I did mine on my awesome yard! I read aloud a really racist letter we received and the person was just dissing us and other cultures around us. BLAH, BLAH. I am really sensitive when it comes to those sort of things because of my past experiences and I seriously teared up doing my presentation. It was embarrassing. I think I got the main point across though. P.S. The class is “Cultural Diversity” if you were wondering.

I hope all is well on your side. I hope you aren’t experiencing wacky weather. Be safe.


Addicting tunes.

E.Via-Shake. She’s known as the female version of Outsider. Her rapping is INSANE. Well, it is true. Sometime you just wanna SHAKE IT–in the privacy of your own room. Yup.

2NE1-Follow Me. I love this group. Just because they can be so dorky. I think I like Sandara and Bom the most.

These songs have been out for a while. I just wanted to share them in place of new hair clips. I haven’t had time to do much in that department because school has been a bit hectic. Even though I dropped one summer class, I still have the other one that is going to end this Thursday. But that isn’t the end, I plan to take another short session class during the second part of summer. It’ll be a good way to knock out some of my classes I need to take for my certificate in Global Studies.

I think I may have to change my alarm clock song to SHAKE now. That’ll probably scare me awake-especially when she raps…

Yeah, so my friend and I went to the Wonder Girls concert on June 5th at the Tabernacle and it was just fantastic! We got there around 4pm…wanted to buy some drinks at a store and noticed a long line of Asian people; that is when we looked at each other and was wondering if it was for the concert and indeed it was…WOW! There was a line already at 5pm…The concert was supposed to start at 8pm.. Insane right?  $35 well spent. You know how hot 2PM is on screen? Well…they are sooo much hotter in person.

I’ve broken up the video footage I took from the concert. I uploaded only 2PM’s part though. I recorded about…1-1.5 hours of the concert…until the vendor walked up to me and told me I couldn’t record the concert..which was totally towards the end already. =P

I hope you enjoy them!

There was an afterparty at the Velvet Room. They were supposed to make an appearance but they never came. Yeah, we stayed in the club until they turned the lights on. RAWR!

Some floral hair bows I made Thursday night!

5 Bows in total. There is one humongous one!All were sewn by hand and sewn on the  hair clip by hand also! No glue gun used!

Here’s the biggest bow.

You can wear it in your hair or clip it onto your necklace and turn it into a bow necklace!

Who said you can only wear hair clips on your head? PSH!!

This is also a great way to not lose your hair clip/hair bow when you don’t want to wear it on your head any more. Plus you now have a bow tie necklace and it didn’t cost you extra! WIN WIN situation!!

Why pay 8 bucks for a hair clip that is mass produced? You can get these for $1.99 each and that already includes First Class Mail shipping.

Sure, you can see some stitching(I didn’t use a sewing machine, all by hand baby!). But doesn’t that mean there was more time spent on it? If you need to get a better look at them you can click them to enlarge the pictures.

You can email me at When you buy 5 hair clips or more, there will be a special price for you!

Any suggestions/comments will be appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hair Clips from Wednesday!!!

New fabrics! You know what that means? New hair bows! Going to be working on them as I unwind from this crazy week.

Are you excited?

New set of clips today!

Here is a sneak peak.

New items! Hair ties!

I really like the “Hair Gum”  ヘアゴム I bought today to make these hair bands / ties. Some are normal sized and others are smaller.

These are all hand crafted. No glue gun this time! All nylon thread and needle, baby! I poked myself a few times because I wanted the hair band to be sturdy. Even the bow was sewn onto the hair clip. Click if you want to have a better view. You can totally see the threading, which some may not like but it is just proof that it was hand crafted with love right? Each one is unique!

You can contact me at

Comments/Suggestions will be appreciated!

If you need clarification to any pricing please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Got some new materials for hair bands. I am in the mood to make some tonight. Be on the look out for new items!

I am totally a fan of  anything made in Japan.

Oh, man. A lot of hair accessories piling up in my case.

I know I’ve worn some of them to model them but disinfect them afterwards, so no worries.

Each one is made by hand. No mass machine or factory used. Each one is unique and totally made out of love. I’ve given a good portion to friends and family. I think it is time to share them with everyone else.

Hair clips are priced at $1.99 which includes First Class Mail already and special prices will be given with more than 1 purchase so please leave a comment and a way for me to contact you.

I love hair accessories. I love the stuff they have at hottopic but they get pretty expensive, in my opinion. That’s why my prices are low compared to them.

Here is  quick tour to my hair accessories case!

Sad that one of my lace flower barrette snapped. It was weird also. That’s never happened. Now I can use it as a cell phone accessory. Recycle! Yes!

Please leave a comment, any feedback is appreciated.

What am I trying to do?

I am trying to share handcrafted items. I've always had a thing for hair accessories from HotTopic, Urban Outfitters, and many other places but it gets really expensive. This is why I began to make my own. That's why my prices are low. I just want to call it even in terms of material costs and postage cost.

I don't want my prices to be around $8 because that would defeat the purpose of my projects. Plus, these accessories are handcrafted, not mass produced. Each and every one of them are made out of love. I usually make them when I feel inspired or in the mood make things. I've tried to force myself to make things and they never turn out right. >.<

How do you order them?
Email/comment and I confirm your order and send you an invoice. I will be using paypal for all transaction.

My paypal email is:

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Leave a comment! I'd appreciate it.

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