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I got a chance to do some material shopping randomly throughout this week and last week. I bought some lace to experiment with. Yesterday I got some really quirky, awesome buttons!

La*Petite Spool buttons! Made in France. Sooo adorable.

I couldn’t resist the blue cars. I thought the anchors were just really cool.

This set was just too cute to not buy. Which came first?

Stay tuned for the barrettes I made with these buttons. Plus, I have new hair accessories made out of the lace I bought!



Caution! Photo intense entry of crafts I’ve made but I haven’t made anything recently because of summer courses.

Who said you can hang a donut from your cell phone?

I turned this into a hair tie. I’ve used it a few times and my friends tease me for having a pastry in my hair. Psh.

Doubtful heart.

The heart does look sad though.

Some were changed into hair ties, cell phone accessories, and others remained to be donuts.

Got carried away with my stamps!

Various cell phone accessories.


Attempt to make a clover. It’s hard cutting it free hand or maybe it is just me.

I made felt lollipops. I tried to draw little hearts on them but they didn’t come out right.

Bouquet of roses/flowers.

Flying heart?

Severely lopsided heart, borderline “L” cell phone accessory.

Lace Flower Puff Ball (?) cell phone accessory.

Pastry cell phone accessory.

Simple Plaid Bow cell phone accessory.

Decorative green bow cell phone accessory.

Hello Kitty hair clips.

Hello Kitty’s faceeee.

Made this for St. Patrick’s Day.

Batch of hair clips I made in one sitting. I was really inspired after I received some ribbon from my friend.

Definitely my favorite style with the little flower-esque detail.

Simple but functional.

Making tags.

Here I go with the flower-esque detailing again.

Petite bow hair clips all the way!

I wasn’t joking about the flower thing.

In green! It’s my favorite color.

I think I’ve posted these up before.

Each one is handcrafted.

One of my favorite from the batch. Lower left one has a little bump to it. Haha. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I can replicate these two. Free-hand design.

Thanks for stopping by!

If there was anything that sparked your interest, most items are available to be purchased. You can email me at .

Thursday was my last day of class for 1st summer short session and today was my first day for my 2nd summer short session class. The first session class was Cultural Diversity and it was a really good class to take. I liked it a lot. The class I went to today is Introduction to Global Issues under the International Affairs department. I am just really lost and very intimidated by the class/fellow students. I hope everything goes well because I need to make at least a B in the class. I want to get the A but it seems hard to get, at least right now. I’ll definitely try my hardest. ㅠㅠ;

I have really loud neighbors. They run and stomp. There are many times when my roommate and I are in the living room and we can literally  feel the apartment shake a bit or at least the ceiling. I don’t know what they are doing. Do they find it fun to stomp around like that? Do they know how much noise they are making? Hm…

It’s thundering outside.

I have two more days in my short session summer class. Next short session starts on Friday. So there really isn’t a break in between.

Oh, today in we did presentations on cultures. I did mine on my awesome yard! I read aloud a really racist letter we received and the person was just dissing us and other cultures around us. BLAH, BLAH. I am really sensitive when it comes to those sort of things because of my past experiences and I seriously teared up doing my presentation. It was embarrassing. I think I got the main point across though. P.S. The class is “Cultural Diversity” if you were wondering.

I hope all is well on your side. I hope you aren’t experiencing wacky weather. Be safe.

Yeah, so my friend and I went to the Wonder Girls concert on June 5th at the Tabernacle and it was just fantastic! We got there around 4pm…wanted to buy some drinks at a store and noticed a long line of Asian people; that is when we looked at each other and was wondering if it was for the concert and indeed it was…WOW! There was a line already at 5pm…The concert was supposed to start at 8pm.. Insane right?  $35 well spent. You know how hot 2PM is on screen? Well…they are sooo much hotter in person.

I’ve broken up the video footage I took from the concert. I uploaded only 2PM’s part though. I recorded about…1-1.5 hours of the concert…until the vendor walked up to me and told me I couldn’t record the concert..which was totally towards the end already. =P

I hope you enjoy them!

There was an afterparty at the Velvet Room. They were supposed to make an appearance but they never came. Yeah, we stayed in the club until they turned the lights on. RAWR!

Maymester classes are killing me. Suuuppperrr tired.

One of those rainy days today…

Graduate from…



Minor in…

Asian Languages and Literature.

Korean Language and Literature.

Get a certificate in…

Global Studies.

Once I graduate…I want to

Join the Peace Corps.

I want to end up here…

Masters International.

Earn MPH degree.

Become a PA.

Things may change but at this moment…I am aiming for these things…

What am I trying to do?

I am trying to share handcrafted items. I've always had a thing for hair accessories from HotTopic, Urban Outfitters, and many other places but it gets really expensive. This is why I began to make my own. That's why my prices are low. I just want to call it even in terms of material costs and postage cost.

I don't want my prices to be around $8 because that would defeat the purpose of my projects. Plus, these accessories are handcrafted, not mass produced. Each and every one of them are made out of love. I usually make them when I feel inspired or in the mood make things. I've tried to force myself to make things and they never turn out right. >.<

How do you order them?
Email/comment and I confirm your order and send you an invoice. I will be using paypal for all transaction.

My paypal email is:

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Leave a comment! I'd appreciate it.

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