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Last night I had a crazy urge to make my school color headbands. As UGA bulldogs/bulldawgs we bleed red and black. I hope you like them.

There is an extra feature on these headbands. On the underside of the metal headband, I added velvet ribbon for those that have problems with the headbands slipping off their heads. Testing how well the velvet ribbon works for non-slip purposes.

I made two red and black headbands. One with a black base and one with a red base. They are slightly different.

$2.50 per headband

$2.50 per headband

Here you can see the velvet ribbon on the underside.

$2.50 headband

Red base headband.

$2.50 headband

Here you can see the bow detailing.

$2.50 headband

Black base headband.

$2.50 headband

Bow detailing on the black base headband.

The other night my roommate asked me if I can make her a bow with some material she has and here it is:

Roommate's headband.

It looks so kick ass on her! She can really pull it off. Props to her design. I hope it was what she imagined. After I made it she asked me how she could pay for it, I asked for some of her orange plaid fabric. Such win!!

If there is anything you want to be made, don’t hesitate to email me! I will try to make what ever you have in mind. It gives me a chance to experiment and learn while I do it.

When you buy more than 5 items, there will be special prices. Free shipping for domestic orders(US). International shipping will cost $2.

Thanks for stopping buy. Anything you would like to see in particular? Any questions? Leave a comment or you can email me at

All items items are handcrafted, not mass produced. Each item is made out of love and care. Comes from a smoke-free, pet-free environment.



Roommate and I sat in the living room and watched Orphan. That was some crazy mesh going on. I did a lot of screaming. It was just so intense and crazzyyyy. My roommate brought out her roll of tulle and told me I should make something with it…so I did! Thanks for sharing!

Yeah.You can’t even tell I am wearing the bow.

Take 2 of the same bow hair clip with FLASH!

Flower-esque barrette with tulle wrapped around it.

Flower-esque barrette!

All posting of barrettes and hair clips are for sale.

Not doing these for the money, just wanna call it even with the materials. I make them because they are fun plus I don’t want to be limited to what they have at hottopic or other stores. Here the possibilities are endless! And each one is special. No way will you see another person with the same hair clip or barrette!! I love that feeling.

What am I trying to do?

I am trying to share handcrafted items. I've always had a thing for hair accessories from HotTopic, Urban Outfitters, and many other places but it gets really expensive. This is why I began to make my own. That's why my prices are low. I just want to call it even in terms of material costs and postage cost.

I don't want my prices to be around $8 because that would defeat the purpose of my projects. Plus, these accessories are handcrafted, not mass produced. Each and every one of them are made out of love. I usually make them when I feel inspired or in the mood make things. I've tried to force myself to make things and they never turn out right. >.<

How do you order them?
Email/comment and I confirm your order and send you an invoice. I will be using paypal for all transaction.

My paypal email is:

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Leave a comment! I'd appreciate it.

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