Lame title. I like stripes, plaids, patterns, plain colors, and my mom + aunt always tell me that I choose colors that fit an older person’s sense of style/taste.. It doesn’t mean the stuff I like are drab! I hope not. Though I have to admit, my choices are sometimes questionable.


$1.99 each or buy any two hair clips for $3.00


Here you can see how the front and back of each accessory looks like. I did a variety of different hair clips and sizes.


$1.99 each or buy any two hair clips for $3.00


Closer view of one of the clips.


$1.99 each or buy any two hair clips for $3.00


I really like the feel of this hair clip. It’s silver and can be worn with any outfit. Ohhhh shinny. Hahaha.


$1.99 cell phone accessory.


I couldn’t resist making a small cell phone accessory. Very light!


$2.50 headband


Not what I had in mind. Based it on a friend’s request but it didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined it in my head. >.< I still like it. It has pale pink, cream, and light brown color in it.

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