Came back on campus and felt an urge to make something with new materials I bought over the weekend.


$2.50 per headband


Made three headbands. All of which have velvet ribbon on the inside to make it nonslip + softttt.


$2.50 headband


Because there is velvet ribbon on the inside, it is sooo comfortable.


$2.50 headband


I really like this headband. It’s colorful and can be worn with any outfit.


$2.50 headband


More complicated headband. Double bow!


$2.50 headband


I thought it deserved more photos dedicated to it because I think the bow is really cute.


$1.99 each or buy any 2 hairclip for $.3.00



$1.99 each or buy any 2 hairclip for $.3.00


Double bow gray alli(gator) clip.


$1.99 phone accessory


I was trying to make a hair bow out but it turned out too small, so I made it into a cell phone accessory. Urgh. It took forever to make it because it was so small.

The front of first failed attempt of bow tie earring.

It is now placed on my bookbag like a pin. Again, who says you need to actually WEAR your earrings on your ears….hahahaha.


Failed attempt of a bow tie earring.



$3.00 pair of pale pink earring.



$3.00 pair of pale pink earring.


Bow tie earrings.

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