Just featuring some hair accessories I’ve made that are up for sale.

$2.50 each. $3.00 when you pair it with a scrunchie.


$1.99 per hair clip. 99 cents per scrunchie.


$1.99 per hair clip. $3.00 when you buy two hair clips.

$1.99 per hair clip. $3.00 when you buy two.

$1.99 per hair clip. Hair ties/scrunchies are 99 cents each.

$1.99 per hair clip. $3.00 for any two hair clips.

99 cents for each hair tie.

99 cents per hair tie.

$1.99 per hair clip. Buy 2 hair clips for $3.00.

$1.99 per hair clip. Buy 2 and get them for $3.00.

$1.99 per hair clip. Buy any 2 hair clips for $3.00.

There are more to come. Stay tuned! When you buy more than 5 items, there will be special prices. Free shipping for domestic orders(US). International shipping will cost $2.

Thanks for stopping buy. Anything you would like to see in particular? Any questions? Leave a comment or you can email me at neihhien@hotmail.com

All items items are handcrafted, not mass produced. Each item is made out of love and care. Comes from a smoke-free, pet-free environment.