Hardshell Case

for 13″ MacBook Pro in White.
(+)This overall case is really nice. I like the simplicity of it. This particular case is opaque whereas another one such as green has a bit of transparency to it. Because it is opaque, the Apple logo is cover up which might be a make or break deal for people. For me it was a make deal because it’s like my notebook is undercover. I know the lighting for the logo changes as the lighting on the screen changes but with this case, I know the lighting isn’t distracting anyone around me.
The case adds a bit more weight and bulkiness to it but that is expected with any case. It was a really easy case to install.
(-) The only downside to it is that because of its opaqueness, the battery indicator on the left side is not visible when pressed but that isn’t really important because there are other modes to telling how much the battery is charged.
I am still going to use my neoprene case just because I feel like I need the extra protection. I am just a loser that way.
Here it is in all its glory. You can see the Incase logo engraved in the plastic-nice touch. Holes on the bottom to ventilate the heat.
Sides of the notebook. I’m pressing the button on the third photo and as you can see, you can not see the battery indicator lights at all.
I kind of wish I got to see the “Frost” case because based on the website, it looks like it has a bit of a silver/metallic tint to it that might blend in with the aluminum unibody.
I would recommend getting a hardshell cover or something because even with the neoprene sleeve, you are bound to scratch it somehow with something…either on your desk.. or you lap. I noticed I had minor scratches at the bottom of my notebook. My heart sank and I was determined to get a case.
At the BestBuy store, there was a green case too. I was drawn to the white case and then I saw the green one. I dropped the white one right away but my mom said she liked the white one instead. I took my mom’s advice and chose the white one instead. I am glad I did because the green case was more transparent–which isn’t bad, I just prefer it to be opaque? I feel like my notebook has its identity hidden. Can you say….Undercover? Sneaky. What a ninja!!