Caution! Photo intense entry of crafts I’ve made but I haven’t made anything recently because of summer courses.

Who said you can hang a donut from your cell phone?

I turned this into a hair tie. I’ve used it a few times and my friends tease me for having a pastry in my hair. Psh.

Doubtful heart.

The heart does look sad though.

Some were changed into hair ties, cell phone accessories, and others remained to be donuts.

Got carried away with my stamps!

Various cell phone accessories.


Attempt to make a clover. It’s hard cutting it free hand or maybe it is just me.

I made felt lollipops. I tried to draw little hearts on them but they didn’t come out right.

Bouquet of roses/flowers.

Flying heart?

Severely lopsided heart, borderline “L” cell phone accessory.

Lace Flower Puff Ball (?) cell phone accessory.

Pastry cell phone accessory.

Simple Plaid Bow cell phone accessory.

Decorative green bow cell phone accessory.

Hello Kitty hair clips.

Hello Kitty’s faceeee.

Made this for St. Patrick’s Day.

Batch of hair clips I made in one sitting. I was really inspired after I received some ribbon from my friend.

Definitely my favorite style with the little flower-esque detail.

Simple but functional.

Making tags.

Here I go with the flower-esque detailing again.

Petite bow hair clips all the way!

I wasn’t joking about the flower thing.

In green! It’s my favorite color.

I think I’ve posted these up before.

Each one is handcrafted.

One of my favorite from the batch. Lower left one has a little bump to it. Haha. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I can replicate these two. Free-hand design.

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