I bought a Japanese ice shaver yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s a manual ice shaver, it’s yellow, and is awesome.

The company that produced it is Pearl Life. It is called Shari-Shari Sweet. Last night I brought out frozen smoothie my aunt made Friday night and used that instead of ice. It came out so fluffy and like the desserts you get at those yogurt/ice cream shops. The smoothie was in one of those Ziploc Twist Top containers http://www.ziploc.com/Products/Pages/TwistLocContainers.aspx?SizeName=Small

It fits perfectly into the ice shaver.

It comes with a container for you to use, you fill it up with water or anything you want and then you place it in your freezer.

After it freeze you pop it out and place it in the “machine”. The top has a spring on it so you press down and twist the top into place. You start cranking the handle and then out comes the shaved ice! Oh yeah, don’t forget to place a bowl under it. But in case you forget the “machine” has a bottom piece to catch all drippings or ice which makes it a lot easier to clean and you don’t have to worry about getting the table dirty or wet.

From that one block you can easily get about 3 people’s worth of fluffy snow goodness! The picture of the outcome was after I took a cup worth of it out because it was overflowing.

It is really nice and easy to use. It’s really cute and does the job well. I would totally recommend this. I just bought it but I’ll see how long it lasts. I wish it came with an extra blade so that we can change it if the blade gets dull.

This purchase was a total success!! Guess how much it cost??!!

ONLY $12.99!!!

I searched online and the prices were really high, so this was a total bargain! Plus it is made in Japan.

Here are some of the links that came up.



If you guys are interested in buying it. I can totally go out and buy it for you guys and send it to you. We can work things out with Paypal. My only condition is that after you receive your item, you pay me for all the costs such as shipping, the cost of the “machine”, and well that’s it. It is your call on which kind of shipping you want, First Class or Standard but either way I would prefer it to have a Delivery Confirmation Number.