I have really loud neighbors. They run and stomp. There are many times when my roommate and I are in the living room and we can literally  feel the apartment shake a bit or at least the ceiling. I don’t know what they are doing. Do they find it fun to stomp around like that? Do they know how much noise they are making? Hm…

It’s thundering outside.

I have two more days in my short session summer class. Next short session starts on Friday. So there really isn’t a break in between.

Oh, today in we did presentations on cultures. I did mine on my awesome yard! I read aloud a really racist letter we received and the person was just dissing us and other cultures around us. BLAH, BLAH. I am really sensitive when it comes to those sort of things because of my past experiences and I seriously teared up doing my presentation. It was embarrassing. I think I got the main point across though. P.S. The class is “Cultural Diversity” if you were wondering.

I hope all is well on your side. I hope you aren’t experiencing wacky weather. Be safe.