Addicting tunes.

E.Via-Shake. She’s known as the female version of Outsider. Her rapping is INSANE. Well, it is true. Sometime you just wanna SHAKE IT–in the privacy of your own room. Yup.

2NE1-Follow Me. I love this group. Just because they can be so dorky. I think I like Sandara and Bom the most.

These songs have been out for a while. I just wanted to share them in place of new hair clips. I haven’t had time to do much in that department because school has been a bit hectic. Even though I dropped one summer class, I still have the other one that is going to end this Thursday. But that isn’t the end, I plan to take another short session class during the second part of summer. It’ll be a good way to knock out some of my classes I need to take for my certificate in Global Studies.

I think I may have to change my alarm clock song to SHAKE now. That’ll probably scare me awake-especially when she raps…