Yeah, so my friend and I went to the Wonder Girls concert on June 5th at the Tabernacle and it was just fantastic! We got there around 4pm…wanted to buy some drinks at a store and noticed a long line of Asian people; that is when we looked at each other and was wondering if it was for the concert and indeed it was…WOW! There was a line already at 5pm…The concert was supposed to start at 8pm.. Insane right?  $35 well spent. You know how hot 2PM is on screen? Well…they are sooo much hotter in person.

I’ve broken up the video footage I took from the concert. I uploaded only 2PM’s part though. I recorded about…1-1.5 hours of the concert…until the vendor walked up to me and told me I couldn’t record the concert..which was totally towards the end already. =P

I hope you enjoy them!

There was an afterparty at the Velvet Room. They were supposed to make an appearance but they never came. Yeah, we stayed in the club until they turned the lights on. RAWR!