Some floral hair bows I made Thursday night!

5 Bows in total. There is one humongous one!All were sewn by hand and sewn on the  hair clip by hand also! No glue gun used!

Here’s the biggest bow.

You can wear it in your hair or clip it onto your necklace and turn it into a bow necklace!

Who said you can only wear hair clips on your head? PSH!!

This is also a great way to not lose your hair clip/hair bow when you don’t want to wear it on your head any more. Plus you now have a bow tie necklace and it didn’t cost you extra! WIN WIN situation!!

Why pay 8 bucks for a hair clip that is mass produced? You can get these for $1.99 each and that already includes First Class Mail shipping.

Sure, you can see some stitching(I didn’t use a sewing machine, all by hand baby!). But doesn’t that mean there was more time spent on it? If you need to get a better look at them you can click them to enlarge the pictures.

You can email me at When you buy 5 hair clips or more, there will be a special price for you!

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