Oh, man. A lot of hair accessories piling up in my case.

I know I’ve worn some of them to model them but disinfect them afterwards, so no worries.

Each one is made by hand. No mass machine or factory used. Each one is unique and totally made out of love. I’ve given a good portion to friends and family. I think it is time to share them with everyone else.

Hair clips are priced at $1.99 which includes First Class Mail already and special prices will be given with more than 1 purchase so please leave a comment and a way for me to contact you.

I love hair accessories. I love the stuff they have at hottopic but they get pretty expensive, in my opinion. That’s why my prices are low compared to them.


Here is  quick tour to my hair accessories case!

Sad that one of my lace flower barrette snapped. It was weird also. That’s never happened. Now I can use it as a cell phone accessory. Recycle! Yes!

Please leave a comment, any feedback is appreciated.